Better Grades

Test prep

Get Higher Scores on the SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, AP (Advanced Placement), as well as other standardized tests. We don't just teach test strategies and techniques, we ensure mastery of the academic concepts.

We vigorously assess and develop a customized plan so that your student achieves their target test score!

With the best teachers and tutors in the industry, our expert tutors are dedicated to helping students be more successful academically and boosting test scores!

Group Classes available, Please contact us for more information.

Math Tutoring

Math concepts can be difficult to learn, whether you are in 1st grade, 12th grade or college. Having a Dedicated Private Math Tutor will provide your student with individualized help, assistance or feedback on homework and a working partnership where their goal is to see your student achieve!

Advantage Tutoring has produced outstanding results for nearly 20 years, and our students get incredible improvements in their math scores compared to their peers.

Whether it's help with math homework, preparing for an exam or clarifying specific questions, our highly skilled math tutors help ensure that your student succeeds. Our math tutors work extensively with parents, teachers and students to create a cohesive plan for success.

Our math tutors provides personalized math support for almost all math subjects and proficiency levels, ranging from elementary, middle school, high school, and college. Our math tutors are highly skilled and credentialed professionals in math-centric fields or certified teachers teaching these math concepts in class.

Advantage Tutoring math tutors are specialists in a broad range of math subjects, including: math basics, algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry Honors/Advanced Placement/ International Baccalaureate/ College.

We prepare your student for advanced math concepts in Regents, Honors Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) classes and College, as well as, on college entrance exams SAT and ACT.


Science Tutoring

In Home and Online

Advantage Tutoring science tutoring provides individualized instruction in all scientific subjects, including biology, chemistry, earth/ living environment and physics. Since each student learns differently, this is why we partner with the student, parents, and the teachers to develop an educational plan for science. Our tutors are certified and have a bachelors or advanced degrees, many are teachers!.

Our science tutors work to ensure that each student has the knowledge necessary in science to deliver success. Get the boost that you are looking for in science with our knowledgeable in-home and online science tutors.

Call Advantage Tutoring at 516-238-3028 and let's solve your students science challenges.

Reading Tutoring

In Home and Online

Are you looking for a reading tutor for your child? We can help! We know that reading is critical for all learning, since reading is needed to succeed in other areas of study. Typically children who struggle with reading tend to struggle in their other subjects too. Advantage Tutoring, helps students develop into more proficient readers, and the payoff is in their confidence, as well as, higher test scores!

High school students, gain from our proven reading program that helps students build vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, and fluency. They do extremely well in school and attain higher scores on standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, TACHS, PSAT, and SSAT/ISEE.

Contact Advantage Tutoring at 516-238-3028 to learn more about our programs.

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