Advantage Tutoring, does an amazing job at matching students with specific learning needs to qualified, and adept tutors. Keith devotes time to providing the perfect match for students, and takes into consideration all aspects of the job, including direct and tailored feedback for each step in the process, as well as positive reinforcement for the kids, and exceptional communication with parents. It is his natural concern, and dedication that convinced me that Advantage was the company to go with above all other tutoring services. His love for teaching and academic growth are evident in his professionalism, and the time he spends to check in with students and parents along each step of the process. If there's a question that arises Keith is always quick, and effective in his knack to solve it and keep the ball rolling. Overall satisfied and look forward to sending more students and family here in the future.

Kelly L

Advantage Tutoring was recommended to me by a friend who was very happy with their progress with her child. I called them and received phone calls back immediately. Their flexibility and professionalism made me feel comfortable. Keith and Allison were very friendly and helpful. Her tutor Allison played phonics games with my daughter which she enjoyed without realizing she was learning. My daughter worked well with her when she was unwilling to practice with me. I’m happy with how my daughter was glad to see Allison and the trust Allison built with her. I’m also thankful Allison wore a mask and always communicated with me. I would request Allison again and use Advantage Tutoring in the future.

Laura P

I started tutoring with Advantage Tutoring because I was lost and was not able to provide a structured learning environment for my children until we met Keith Ginsberg and Pat they instructed me to follow a certain routine, Pat comes every day and provides the highest level of education and tutoring service to my two children, now 6 months later, I’m so thankful to Pat and Keith for making sure my children are up to date with their studies, Thank you and god bless you Advantage Tutoring!

Afsheen H

Advantage Tutoring really helped our daughter catch up in math and reading. Keith is a diligent and skilled professional and has the best tutors around. They are fantastic and we will definitely be using Advantage Tutoring for our youngest daughter.


My son was working with one of their SAT tutors for a while. His math score went up and he’s in contention for merit scholarships at the schools we’re looking at. I think it’s his self-confidence where the tutor made the difference. I referred Advantage Tutoring to my niece, and it’s been going well – really appreciate it!

Mike L

The whole process from meeting with Keith to finding the best match for my children was very thoughtful and thorough. There is a true sense of professionalism and kindness. They have a true passion for teaching children and thinking outside the box.

Vanessa M.L.

I have known Keith Ginsberg and Advantage Tutoring through our mutual association with students. He participated in events that an organization for which I was employed offered students about careers. I have gotten to know him further through networking events. He and the organization offer valuable resources and important information to help students and adults learn.

Lisa S.L

I hired Advantage Tutoring to provide tutoring and homework assistance to my granddaughter while she was in the 6th grade for math. Her grades and her confidence improved. Keith (the owner) was professional, kind and caring and paired my granddaughter with a great tutor suitable for her. Would highly recommend.

Margaret B

This is an excellent, individualized tutoring organization. Keith is professional, efficient, and sensitive to the needs of our child. The tutors he recruits are qualified, committed, and wonderful educators.


We have used Advantage Tutoring since last year and added more tutoring this year. They have been a life saver during the pandemic. A very professional team and great people.

Heather L

Great service and wonderful staff that truly care about the people they are servicing.

Jazmin H

Phenomenal tutors!

M. Kelly L.

I finally found a service for my son that has helped him excel in school!

Schandel M
Advantage Tutoring

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